Saturday, July 19, 2014

Petrol/Blood Polycount Competition

I'm currently participating in the Petrol/Blood polycount competition.  For this particular competition we have to model and texture a vehicle and it's driver or rider and it's mount.  My main focus for the competition is to come up with a solid design.  I specifically don't want to go crazy with details or do something super wacky.  I just want to design a cool car with a cool driver.  I'm constantly thinking back to Kaneda and his bike (Akira) and Sweet JP and his Trans-Am (Redline).  I obviously won't land something as iconic, but that sort of connection and vibe is what I'm aiming for. I also have made the decision not to add weapons.  I want this guy to be all about racing and going fast and not about blowing people up.  I also feel like it's more of a challenge to design a cool vehicle using weapons to make it look cooler.  Here are my concepts and high poly work in progress.  The next post I make for this will probably be the finished entry.  You can view my work in progress here:  w.i.p. thread

Zbrush fun

Practice with hard surfaced modeling in ZBrush.


Last year I took some time and dedicated it to painting rather than 3d.  I felt like I needed to start working on my fundamentals and just try getting a better understanding of the process.

Borderlands 2!

Extremely late posting this.  It showed up on Polycount a few years back but I never posted it here. Just a few of the things I made for Borderlands 2. Not including the DLCs.

Diablo 3 fan art

Did this a while back, but I never updated my blog with it.  Got super obsessed with Diablo 3 when it came out so I decided to try to make Caldeum. Took about a week to do.

On a side note... Over the next few days I'll be making some updates to the blog. It's been a long while.

Saturday, February 11, 2012


Alright, I got a little bored again in the late hours of the night and decided to put something together using some assets already lying around. I'm actually starting to like this scene so I think I might take it further and do something neat with it.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Home Sweet Home Revisited

Got kinda bored and did some post editing to my Unearthly 08' entry 'Home Sweet Home'. Updated the lighting and rocks, though with all the post editing you can barely tell. I always imagined this scene being on a beat up Polaroid or post card. This is something I've kind of been messing around with on the side. As time goes on, this scene becomes more and more obsolete and is starting to become one of the weaker images in my portfolio. My skills have grown a little bit since I created this scene, especially in regards to rock creation. So I decided I'd update it just a bit so I could hold onto it a little while longer. I'll eventually post some real renders of the updated scene.