Saturday, July 19, 2014

Petrol/Blood Polycount Competition

I'm currently participating in the Petrol/Blood polycount competition.  For this particular competition we have to model and texture a vehicle and it's driver or rider and it's mount.  My main focus for the competition is to come up with a solid design.  I specifically don't want to go crazy with details or do something super wacky.  I just want to design a cool car with a cool driver.  I'm constantly thinking back to Kaneda and his bike (Akira) and Sweet JP and his Trans-Am (Redline).  I obviously won't land something as iconic, but that sort of connection and vibe is what I'm aiming for. I also have made the decision not to add weapons.  I want this guy to be all about racing and going fast and not about blowing people up.  I also feel like it's more of a challenge to design a cool vehicle using weapons to make it look cooler.  Here are my concepts and high poly work in progress.  The next post I make for this will probably be the finished entry.  You can view my work in progress here:  w.i.p. thread

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