Sunday, May 8, 2011

Brawl Competiton

So it was that time again, where I retreat to the dark cave I call an office and work work work away into the late hours of the night. Polycount held a competition for both Character and Environment Artists. The brief was to take a stage or character from any fighting game and re-imagine it. I chose to do a stage from Samurai Shodown. I played that game into the ground when I was a kid and wanted to pay some sort of tribute. The stage I chose belonged to the Mayan warrior TamTam. For each of these competitions I participate in I try to identify what skills I lack in and use it as an excuse to improve. I've haven't done much vegetation and jungle type scenery so this is why the idea was appealing. Anyway... less talk more show... here are the results:

original scene:
My rendition:

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